2021/22: Transport Bookings Open

2021/22: Transport Bookings Open


From now until June 6th, 2021 you can book transport services provided by the City of Munich for the school year 2021/2022  in our new EV-ESM Booking System: EITHER school bus OR a MVV Card, both at the same time are not possible.

An online booking must be made for EACH child who wants to use the transport services in the next school year. This also applies to pupils who are already using the transport service in the current school year 2020/2021.

A possible entitlement to free travel to school is regulated by the law on free travel to school (SchKfrG) and the regulation on school transport (SchBefV). According to the law, public transport takes priority. With the 365-Euro-Ticket MVV (MVV Card) and the S-Bahn station in the immediate vicinity of the ESM Primary School in Fasangarten, the city wants to reduce school bus costs and set a good example for the environment.

Please note: In the coming school year, the City of Munich will not provide a school bus transport to the children from the EPO locations to the ESM Primary School in Fasangarten. Therefore the parents’ association will organize an additional EV-ESM Shuttle line (in the morning as well as in the afternoon) for the interested parents. With the EV-ESM Shuttle, the parents bear the costs themselves. EV-ESM Shuttle is an additional service that all pupils can use.
The booking for the EV-ESM Shuttle will be activated at a later date. You will be informed about this in a separate email.

The bookings for the MVV Card made after the registration deadline, will not be processed by the City of Munich until October / November, so you need to expect additional transport costs until the MVV Card is issued.

No space on the school bus can be guaranteed for late bookings. Late bookings will only be processed by the City of Munich in exceptional cases  and must be reasoned, e.g. in the event of a move or a late school enrollment confirmed by the ESM.

You can check the current status of your booking at any time in the EV-ESM Booking System.

For children residing within the city limits of Munich (postcode from 80000 to 81999), the city of Munich pays 100% of the costs for the school bus and the MVV Card.

For children residing outside the city limits of Munich, parents have to pay 20% of the school bus costs as well as 20% of the MVV Card cost (365-Euro-Ticket MVV) regardless of the distance to school.

School bus costs have increased enormously in the recent years. In the coming school year 2021/2022, EV-ESM will continue to invoice families with school bus children residing outside Munich advanced payments for school bus transport costs. As soon as the final school bus invoice is presented by the City of Munich in the following school year, it is checked by the EV-ESM and passed on to the parents of children concerned as credit or additional payment.

The advance payment for families residing outside Munich for the coming school year 2021/2022 is EUR 725 per child. This advance payment will be the same for all families.

Please read the following updated information before making your booking:

1) School Bus

2) MVV Card

Bookings for the school bus or MVV Card must be received online in the EV-ESM Booking System by June 6th, 2021. To make bookings for your child please click here: www.ev-esm-booking.com. Under Services on the left menu please go to Manage Bookings and select the transport option you want to book.

Alexandra Vasinova