Bookings Start for Extra-curricular Activities and Other Information

Bookings Start for Extra-curricular Activities and Other Information




School Year 2021/22 – Last school day is 1 July 2022.

In the primary school and kindergarten there are neither canteen, nor after school care services, nor extra-curricular activities on this day. The school buses depart from the school at 10:05 am.

In the secondary school there are neither canteen services nor extra-curricular courses on this day.

Note for parents whose children are leaving ESM – please log in to EV-ESM Booking System and either:

– indicate your child under Child Profile as This child has left ESM in case you have other children at ESM in 2022/23.

– or request a timely cancellation of your membership under My Account in your profile in case you will have no further children at ESM in 2022/23.


School Year 2022/23 Bookings Start for Extra-curricular Activities

We are happy to present you the course offer: Extra-curricular Program 2022/23

Bookings of courses for kindergarten and primary school will start on 14 June, 2022 at 9:00 am.

For secondary school most of the courses will only be available from 7 September 2022 at 9:00 am, after the school timetables will be known.

However, external courses as bouldering, tennis, swimming as well as music courses will be available from 14 June 2022 at 9:00 am.


Music Courses

We have reworked our offer of music courses. As it is difficult to have 35 course days within the school year, we have decided to offer 30 course days instead, increased the teachers’ remuneration and slightly adjusted the course prices. This brings a better planning overview for all parties.

For pupils of secondary school, extra 10 courses can be booked on top if desired.

All music courses will start on 19 September 2022.

After the booking the intended teacher will contact you to define the day and hour of the course. Please check the system, if the course for your kid has been created. While the course is running, please check regularly whether the course days have been marked as having been held.


General Information for Extra-curricular Activities

All courses are defined for specific age ranges and will be automatically shown as such at the time of booking.

Should a course not appear in the list of possible bookings anymore, it means that it has already been fully booked and the waiting list is also complete.

After we receive your booking, it will be confirmed or put on a waiting list. When there are enough bookings for a given course, it will be set as active and will be binding for you. You will receive an extra notification about this.

Courses of the Homework Academy are still available for bookings, apart from the German one on Wednesday which is already full.

Kindergarten and primary school courses, which are not taking place directly after school classes, can only be booked in combination with R.U.F. after school service or a Homework Academy on the same day.

Alexandra Vasinova