General Assembly

A General Assembly shall be held at least once in a year – usually in October.


Each General Assembly shall be announced by the board at least 28 days in advance by publication on the official website of the association with a provisional agenda. At the same time, the members are requested to submit discussion points for the agenda of the meeting in writing up to 14 days before the General Assembly. Proposals received later will not be accepted for decision, if necessary they can be taken up for discussion, if two thirds of the present members decide this. In addition, members are requested to submit a written application to the board of directors 14 days before the General Assembly if they would like to candidate for an open position in the board.

No later than 8 days befoer the meeting, the board announces the final agenda and publishes all relevant documents on the official website of the association. Belated candidacies for open positions in the board will only be admitted if two thirds of the members present decide so.

Unless otherwise specified, the General Assembly shall pass its resolutions by a majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


At the General Assembly the Chairman shall submit a report on the activities of the association during the past financial year as well as on the financial situation of the association. The General Assembly approves the financial report and the budget.


The Secretary of the Board shall write the minutes of the General Assembly, which will then be published on the website.