Canteen Organisation in HS

Canteen Organisation in HS


From now on, the HS students can eat in the canteen during their break: those who have break in the 6th period go to the canteen at 12:40 pm, and those who have break in the 7th period, can eat in the canteen at 1:30 pm. Every student who has pre-ordered lunch in the Il Cielo Booking System will find it at the table assigned to them and their classes.


Students who bring their lunch from home can use the cold cafeteria upstairs.


On the contrary to what Il Cielo said in their communication last week, we strongly encourage you to make the reservations on a weekly basis, always until Sunday for the whole following week. This helps to better organize the division of students at the various tables as well as to ensure the required hygiene regulations.


For students booked as spontaneous eaters please select desired days and menus, at the checkout choose the time shift in which your child is coming to the canteen on the given day.


The subscription eaters will be managed automatically by Il Cielo, as the food has been pre-ordered.

Alexandra Vasinova