End of Year Wishes

End of Year Wishes


The year is ending, and we hope, we can all spend our holidays with our families and/or friends safe and sound.

Looking back and according to the circumstances, the time from September went by quite well and our kids could go to school without too many restrictions.

Hopefully, this will stay on like this from January.


Please find below some practical information:

Last school day, Wednesday – 22 December 2021:

Secondary school

– No extra-curricular activities will take place,

– No lunch will be served in the canteen, and will not be charged for.

Primary School und Kindergarten

– After School Care at R.U.F. and Pauker will not take place,

– No extra-curricular activities (including NSA lunch supervision or Homework Academy) will not take place,

– No lunch will be served at the canteen, and it will not be charged,

– School buses/taxis will be driving as usual at noon departing at 12.20 pm.


From Monday – 10 January 2022:

Kindergarten will continue running in “Bubbles”. Therefore, no extra-curricular activities (including NSA lunch supervision) will be offered.
However, the after school care services at R.U.F. will continue running as usual.

The EV-ESM Board is wishing you great holidays and a happy new year.

Alexandra Vasinova