Elternvereinigung Europäische Schule München / Parents' Association European School Munich / Association des Parents École Européenne Munich
Elternvereinigung Europäische Schule München / Parents' Association European School Munich / Association des Parents École Européenne Munich 


The School Food Service

The Parents Association, responsible for the mensa and cafeteria service at the ESM, works in partnership with the school and a local company, Il Cielo, to provide a healthy school food service. Lunches are 100% organically certified meals with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal foods grown regionally. Our mission is to nurture a culture of healthy eating and conscious food choices, combining good taste with nutrition and care for each other and the planet.

The Il Cielo team is the main contact for parents and pupils regarding most aspects of the school food service. To learn more about the service they offer and to find registration forms, contact information and menu plans (available by logging into your child's account using name and birth date), please see Il Cielo's homepage: Link  www.ilcielo.de. Feedback may be sent to the Français  canteen team

If you'd like to try a lunch, please send an email to the Français  canteen.team.