Students Without A Language Section


In case there is no section teaching in your child’s dominant language (L1), your child is integrated into an existing language section, and is therefore considered to be a student without a language section.
SWALS families can choose between the available language sections (e.g. German, English, French, etc.) into which the pupil will be integrated. The curriculum is delivered in the language of the section apart from first language lessons.


While timetables can be adapted to resolve conflicting circumstances, usually a SWALS‘ curriculum will provide 5 periods of L1 in a week.
SWALS have their dominant language as L1 and the section language as second language (L2). By default the school designates the section language as your child’s L2, but it will be taught as a first language in class.


The SWALS are represented in the school’s educational council and have the opportunity to participate in the Parents’ Association as member of the Board.
All representatives are elected during the annual general assembly.


By its very nature SWALS are a minority. As such the representatives are very engaged in school matters relating to upholding L1 quality in the SWALS languages.
Should you have any questions, remarks or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact your representative.


SWALS Representative in the board of the Parents’ Association: Sofia Macieira

Primary school representative: Inês Lampreia
High school representative: Marcela Frank


SWALS Newsletter October 2021