Newsletter Nr. 3

Newsletter Nr. 3



Information about the Partial Opening of ESM



As the concerned parents have already been informed separately, the school buses for primary school classes P1 and P5 are being organized.

The school buses will also be available for the planned opening of the school for P2, P3 and P4. You will receive information about this in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, kindergarten children are not allowed in the school buses at the moment because we cannot guarantee the requirement of travelling with their siblings.

All shuttle buses between ESM and EPO remain canceled as no garderie services are allowed at the moment.



Due to the precaution not to mix the pupils, the after school care is cancelled until further notice.
Regarding the final bill, RUF has now decided not to charge the parents for June. This is a compensation for the services not provided by RUF as from mid-March to June. RUF will continue to integrate the salary of their employees on short-time work up to 100% also for the months of June, July and August. This is important in view of the planned and already partially booked registrations for after school care in 2020/21 in order to keep the employees for the next school year.

We hope you can understand this decision and have a positive view towards the new school year.



Kindergarten and primary school: Due to the circumstances mentioned above, no service will be offered until the end of this school year.

High school: Il Cielo will provide lunch packs via their online booking system. A separate email from the provider will include further details about this. Regular canteen operations will not be in place.


Extra-curricular Activities

Courses on ESM premises:
It is currently not possible to resume the courses on the school premises.

Music classes: The music classes will continue to be given online. If due to the partial opening of the school you need to adjust the course times for your child, please discuss your wishes with the music teacher or contact

Online courses: We were able to switch 14 courses to an online version. The parents of the concerned courses have been informed. Again, because of the partial school opening changes in course times may be necessary. The course teachers have been informed and they will contact the parents. Should there still occur any time overlapping, please contact your respective course teacher and the EV office.

Courses at other locations: We are in contact with our partners. If the official guidelines allow to resume their activities, we will try to offer these courses again. The tennis courses will start again soon. Those, who booked the tennis course will be informed directly. Participation in the courses is at the parents’ own responsibility.

Refunds for canceled courses: The reimbursement of course fees for the canceled courses can only start after the end of the school year. Due to the enormous amount of cases it will be very time consuming. At the moment our team focuses on the smooth running of online courses as well as on the planning for the next school year. We kindly ask for your patience.

Alexandra Vasinova