New EV-ESM Booking System

New EV-ESM Booking System



Today, we are very happy to introduce you our new EV-ESM Booking System which we have been developing for over a year now.

The new system covers all services offered by the EV-ESM in one.

It will allow you to have a complete overview of all the bookings for your child/children for the school year 2021/22 onwards. New General Terms and Conditions of the EV-ESM will enter into force with the new booking system, you can read them here.

The existing bookings for this school year 2020/2021 are still running in the old systems.

The first module of the system is now live at (you can also access it from our website through the “Sign in” or “Become a Member” buttons – menu on the left).

In order to be able to make bookings for the school year 2021/22, please register, set up your profile and fill in your child/children information.

Please note: only 1 membership registration per family is required, i.e. 1 annual membership fee. Only the main email addresses provided for contact persons in your profile will be used for communication from EV-ESM, please make sure you provide the preferred ones.

The next modules with bookings function will be introduced in the upcoming months in this order – After School Care, Transport, Extra-curricular Activities and Canteen.
You will get an email notification each time.

The development of this new tool with its numerous specifications has been a real challenge, and is the result of a huge team effort. Please support us in improving it and report your feedback to



Alexandra Vasinova