New Rules Canteen Secondary School

New Rules Canteen Secondary School



As the Corona rules are getting more restrictive, the health office (Gesundheitsamt) has decided to go one step further in canteens and sit children 1.50 m apart from one another.

This will be applied in the secondary school from next Monday, the 30th of November.


For pupils eating in the 6th period at 12:40 pm, they can all come at the indicated time. They will find their tablets already placed on the tables, 1.50 m apart from one another.


For pupils eating in the 7th period there will be 2 services from Monday to Thursday.

– 1st service: yellow group (1:30 pm)

– 2nd service: blue group (1:55 pm)

On Fridays, all concerned students can come at 1:30 pm.

Reference to the colours has been communicated by the school and should be known by the students. If any students no longer know to which colour group they belong to, they need to contact their educational advisor.


Students who bring their lunch from home can use the cold cafeteria upstairs, and only this one. Places where they can sit to stay 1.50 m apart from one another will be marked.


Reminder for ordering lunch:

Login: surnamename attached

Password: birth date of your child in this form: DD.MM.YYYY


Order can be placed for both subscription and spontaneous eaters until the day before. However, we strongly encourage you to make the reservations on a weekly basis, always until Sunday for the whole following week. This helps to better organize the division of students at the various tables as well as to ensure the required hygiene regulations.


Subscription eaters can choose between 2 Menus. Should you forget to choose beforehand, pupils will be managed automatically by Il Cielo and get Menu 1.


For students booked as spontaneous eaters please select desired days and menus, at the checkout choose the time shift in which your child is coming to the canteen on the given day.

Alexandra Vasinova