Newsletter Nr. 1 2020/21

Newsletter Nr. 1 2020/21





Finally, also our newsletter for the new school year!
We apologize for not being able to send it earlier. The school management decided which education model should finally be implemented only a few days before school start. Also, the Bavarian authorities did not really help us in this situation.
This caused the necessity to rapidly modify/adapt all our services. Notwithstanding some problems, we are now on the good run and managed to start all of them.
You have already received information directly from our service partners. Below  are some further details.


New marking system

We inform you here about an initiative of parents of the ES Brussels who plan to file a complaint in Germany (Normenkontrollantrag) till November 2020 against the new marking system in the ES. A teleconference by parents representatives of the ES Brussels is planned for Monday, September 7th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.. Interested parents can contact directly Mrs. Renate Repplinger-Hach
For further details please contact our educational representatives in Munich, Valentina Fazio (IT), Dirk Petry (DE) and Inken Hanisch (DE).



School bus

The first week of school and transport is behind us. As every year, the bus routes are drawn up, determined and approved by the MVG. The MVG selects the bus companies, these provide the drivers. The EV-ESM has no influence on this process.

The new school bus plans came late compared to last year. Some are still waiting for improvements and corrections. We apologize for any inconvenience that may arise. As soon as we have sufficient feedback from the bus drivers/parents about departure times, routes and arrival times, we can request further changes at MVG and notify you timely.

As planned, school buses were driving from the first day of school. For more information, please visit our website

Children whose return journey has been canceled by parents (e.g. on Wednesday and/or Friday) lose their right to return transport on these days, as they are no longer on the list and the bus companies can adjust the bus size to the booked capacity. You can still reconsider your wishes and let us know the changes.

Please read the following rules with your children that apply in school and shuttle buses: School bus rules_2020


Shuttle Bus ESM-EPO

The ESM-EPO shuttle buses will run from September 7, 2020. Further bookings for September and October are still possible. For more information, please contact EV-ESM office per email. Additional months must be booked via online system

In this school year this service will be carried out by the company Berger`s Reisen. Depending on the number of bookings, there is a large bus that first goes to the Isar building and then to the Pschorrhöfe. If there are enough bookings for two buses, one drive directly to the Pschorrhöfen, the other to the Isar building. None of the alternatives has any influence on the arrival times.

A shuttle bus between the ESM buildings in Fasangarten and Neuperlach only runs on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. and on Fridays at 3:00 p.m., provided there are enough bookings.


MVV Tickets

For the school year 2020/21, the students were issued the new 365-MVV-Ticket. The 365-MVV-Ticket is valid in the entire MVV area around the clock for 365 days. It is only valid  in combination with an official ID with photo.

Some cards came with errors, e.g. incorrect titles Mr./Ms. According to the MVG, these cards are also valid. If corrections and changes are requested, please note longer processing times.



Course start

In kindergarten and elementary school it is planned that the NSA courses start from the 3rd week of school. The high school courses should start in October.

The NSA courses have not yet been confirmed in the online booking system because we are waiting for the school’s written approval to start the courses at the school. A hygiene rules concept was drawn up for the extra-curricular activities, which you will receive together with the course confirmation. At the first course appointment, your child must bring the signed confirmation that they have read and understood the hygiene rules. The form will also be enclosed.

You can find an overview of the courses that can still be booked at


Music courses

The music courses will initially start online. Ms. Stegemann, the manager of the Musikeminar, will arrange the details with you individually. We hope to be able to move the music classes to school as soon as possible. At you can find a video that presents our music courses.


Homework Academy

The homework academy starts as planned in the second week of school. Initially, the children will not receive lunch in the canteen. Please provide them with lunch pack on the days of the homework academy.




From Monday, September 7th, 2020 the canteen will also open. You received a separate info email from Il Cielo provider on Wednesday.

Due to the COVID-19 regulations of the health department for canteen operations, in this school year all plates (main course, salad and dessert) must be equipped with suitable “plastic lids/cups”.

Since these are not available, they had to be ordered separately. After negotiating with the supplier, the cost for one set of the plastic lids is 16 euros (3 lids: 1 large for the main course, 2 small lids for salad and dessert). In a negotiation with the school, the compromise was reached that the school and the parents would bear these costs in a 50/50 ratio. Therefore, the one-time amount of 8 euros will be charged to every child who has booked the canteen service.

We hope you can understand the circumstances we are confronted with every day in this Corona time and can take a further step towards the well-being and safety of our children.



The afternoon care should start as from Monday 7. September for the Paukers and from Wednesday 9. for R.U.F.  service.

Unfortunately, due to the very strict hygiene plan of the ESM and the division of the groups, we might have to accept some limitations in the garderie-service, at least for the first weeks.
Further information will be sent by the service providers.
Alexandra Vasinova