School Bus Organisation in 2020/21

School Bus Organisation in 2020/21


In the first week of school the school buses will operate as follows:

morning after school classes 
Wednesday 2.9.2020 regular service only P2-P5 departure at 12:20 pm
Thursday 3.9.2020 regular service departure at 12:20 pm
Freitag 4.9.2020 regular service departure at 12:20 pm


From Monday, 7. September 2020, normal weekly schedule will be in place with morning departure as indicated on your busline document, after school the services vary slightly for different school years:

from 7.9.2020 departure at
12:20 pm P1-P2

4:00 pm P3-P5

Tuesday 4:00 pm
Wednesday 12:20 pm
Thursday 4:00 pm
Friday 12:20 pm


Please also note that the school buses provided by the City of Munich depart directly after school lessons. If your child visits garderie or extra-curricular activities, you can also book shuttle bus ESM-EPO for those days.

All students are obliged to wear a nose-mouth covering in the school bus. 

We would also like to remind you that the school bus drivers are not childminders. If parents do not want their child to be left alone at the roadside, then they must make sure to come to the bus stop on time.

An emergency telephone number has been set up, on which the bus companies communicate significant delays or complete failures. This way we can inform the affected parents and the school via email as early as possible.

Alexandra Vasinova