Services Calendar for 2022/23

Services Calendar for 2022/23



The end of the school year and thus the time to register for our services for the next school year is now approaching.

Before the bookings open please check the General Terms and Conditions of EV-ESM (German only) that will apply for the services booked for the school year 2022/23.



Registration for the school bus and the MVV card will be open from 10 May 2022 until 5 June 2022.

Registration deadline for the EV-ESM Shuttle Bus for the first school month of September 2022 expires on 15 August 2022.


Please read the detailed information in the transport section of our website:

School Bus

MVV Card

EV-ESM Shuttle

After School Care

There are a few changes here.

From 2022/23, only R.U.F. will offer afternoon care. Neither NSA lunch supervision nor after school care provided by Die Pauker will be provided anymore. The homework academy for different languages will still be provided.

R.U.F. adjusted its concept addressing the outcomes of our survey carried out earlier this year.

The following offer for kindergarten and primary school children has been proposed:

– the days and times can be booked individually
– the fees are collected over 10 months, from September to June
– the costs per booked weekday per month are as follows: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

12:05 to 2 pm – 55€

12:05 to 4 pm – 100€

12:05 to 6 pm – 120€

Tuesday and Thursday

15:45 to 6 pm – 60€

Registration starts on 10 May 2022.

Please make a binding decision by 30 June 2022 which booking options are suitable for your child. Should you notice during the school year that your chosen booking options need adjustment, our service partner R.U.F. will try to find a solution with you.


Extra-curricular Activities


Registration starts at the beginning of June, the complete program of extra-curricular activities for 2022/23 will be published in advance.

The Homework Academy Courses can already be booked from 10 May 2022 as part of the after school care within NSA.

Please note that from 2022/2023 there will be no NSA lunchtime care before the courses. If your child wants to attend an NSA course, book either a homework academy or R.U.F. after school care for the interim period.

The Conditions of Participation at Extra-Curricular Activities of EV-ESM (German only) have also been updated for the school year 2022/23.


Registration starts on 10 May 2022. 

After the canteen prices have remained the same for years, there will be a price adjustment in the school year 2022/23:
– Price for subscription eaters: 5,20 EUR (KG, GS, HS) including 7% VAT
– Price for spontaneous eaters: 5,50 EUR (HS) including 7% VAT
Please note, should the VAT be reset to 19% at the end of 2022, this will affect the prices accordingly, i.e. 5,75 EUR for subscription eaters or 6,10 EUR  for spontaneous eaters per lunch.

Please find more information here.

Alexandra Vasinova