What is New in Kindergarten and Primary School Courses

What is new in kindergarten and primary school courses


• The extra-curricular courses will start in the third week of school. The homework academy courses will start in the 2nd week of school.


• Most courses will now consist of 30 course units, and so cover most of the school year. In this way we can offer you 20% more course days. We have therefore adjusted the course prices accordingly.


• Semester courses are scheduled with 13 course days. You can identify them easily, the course number includes W for winter semesters and S for summer semester.


• From September, the courses on the short school days will no longer begin immediately after the school end, but later at 1:00 p.m. All children should have a lunch break before the course starts. Please note: Kindergarten and primary school children must not be left unattended after school classes.

A course booking will only be possible if you bindingly choose one of these options for the time before the extra-curricular courses start at 1:00 p.m.:
a) Either you have booked one of our afternoon childcare options (R.U.F., Die Pauker) or a course from the homework academy. These offers continue right after school classes. The children eat with R.U.F., Die Pauker or the homework academy and then attend their respective extra-curricular activities at 1:00 p.m.
b) For all other children we will organize an additional care called “Mittagsbetreuung”. The costs of this service depend on the number of course days of the respective activity and will be indicated at the time of the course booking. In this option the children will be accompanied to the canteen and receive a warm lunch or they can eat their own food as cold eaters. (For lunch, please register your children as spontaneous eaters for the respective course day, registration for the canteen will be activated from mid-June). If the time allows the children will also be able to enjoy the break at the playground under supervision. Afterwards they will be taken to their respective course.


• To further expand our offer, we also offer some more courses in the primary school that will start later in the afternoon, after the 1:00 p.m. courses end.


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