Die Pauker

Die Pauker is a provider of garderie services with a wide range of activities for the kindergarten and school children.
The company supports the educational work of the school, whereby the social and leisure educational work is in the foreground. Concentration exercises, games, painting, handicrafts and projects during the year complete the offer. Depending on the weather, outdoor play and exercise are not neglected.

Experienced caregivers take care of the children lovingly and very individually. This means a maximum of 9 children per group and per experienced caregiver. School children are also supported in their homework and preparations for successful school attendance at the ESM.



Operating hours


Kindergarten and school children (classes 1. – 2.)

Monday         12.05 pm – 6 pm

Wednesday    12.05 pm – 6 pm

Friday            12.05 pm – 4.30 pm


School children (classes 3.-5.)

Monday            3.45 pm – 6 pm

Wednesday     12.05 pm – 6 pm

Friday             12.05 pm – 4.30 pm





Registration of the garderie sevices takes place via EV System. After you log in, please pre-register the desired service for your child under SIGN UP for the school year 2020/21. Return to HOME and fill in the application for your child under MEINE SERVICES 2020/21.



A pre-requisite for applying for a garderie place is your membership in the Parents’ Association.