School Bus

School Bus to ESM Fasangarten



Pupils in years 1 to 5 of Primary School, who live more than 2 km from the primary school in Fasangarten, are entitled to a place in school bus provided by the City of Munich (if not using the public transport option).


This year you can choose one from the following transport options to ESM Fasangarten:

A. departing from a bus stop near your home address (maximum 1 km away)

B. departing from the Pschorrhof or Isar buildings of European Patent Office

C. departing from Neuperlach Zentrum or ESM Neuperlach (Putzbrunner Strasse)


Please note that for children who live in Perlach or Neuperlach (who were not entitled to a place in school bus in the past) only the option C is available – provided that their residence is located more than 2 km from the ESM Fasangarten.


Kindergarten children with primary school siblings taking the school bus may also apply for a place on the school bus. As a gesture of goodwill, the City of Munich will give these children a place on the bus as long as places are still available.


The above condition does not apply for the option B – to and from the EPO premises (Pschorrhof and Isar buildings). Kindergarten children without siblings may also apply for a place on this bus. Any remaining available places are handed out on a first come, first served basis.


Please be aware however, that a Kindergarten child may have to give up its place during the school year, if a school pupil entitled to a place on the bus needs it.


An online application must be made for ALL children who wish to take the school bus in 2019/2020, even if the child already takes the school bus in 2018/2019. Please log in to the EV System, pre-register your child under SIGN UP for the required school year. Under MY SERVICES you will find the application form.

Print the completed form, sign it and send back to Parents’ Association per post or e-mail no later than May 3, 2019. You can check the status of your application online. Applications that reach us after this date may not be taken into account. An exception is made for a house move, so long as the ESM confirms that the child has been re-registered at the new address.

The administration costs incurred by the organization of the transport by the city of Munich are borne by the city itself. However, an administration fee per child is payable to the Parents´Association. The annual administration fee per child is 15€.


The City of Munich covers the total cost of the school bus for children living in the City of Munich. Parents must cover 20% of the costs for children who live outside the City of Munich.

Category DistanceApproximate annual cost participation for students living outside the city of Munich
A0 – 5 kmca. 279 €
B5 – 10 kmca. 478 €
C10 – 15 kmca. 638 €
Dmore than 15 kmca. 721 €


We would also like to remind you that the bus drivers are not childminders. If parents do not want their child to be left alone at the roadside, then they must be at the bus stop on time.

Please note that the Parents’ Association has no influence on the bus companies chosen by the City of Munich and their cooperating parties.