Our goal is simple: a safe transport of your children to and from school


We are working closely with the City of Munich and with a number of other providers to ensure smooth and timely service for your children. The City of Munich is providing a free school transport for all children up to 15 years of age living in Munich (ZIP 80000 to 81999). Families living outside of Munich need to share 20% of the costs of school transport.


On the basis of the contract with the Free State of Bavaria, represented by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, the City of Munich undertakes to organise transport to the European School Munich (ESM) and to bear the associated administrative costs, applying the provisions of the Law on the Free Travel to School accordingly.


A possible claim to cost-free travel to school is regulated by the Act on the Cost-Free Way to School (Gesetz über die Kostenfreiheit des Schulweges – SchKfrG) and the Regulation on Pupil Transport (Verordnung über Schülerbeförderung – SchBefV).


Primary school children (P1 to P4 ONLY), and in some cases also kindergarten children (for more info see School Bus section), can benefit from a school bus service provided by the City of Munich. The seats in the school bus are always highly desired. Please check, whether your child perhaps could alternatively use the public traffic network instead (for more information see Public Transport – MVV Card). According to the law, public transport must be prioritised.


Primary school children (grades P1 to P5) and secondary school students up to 5th grade (S1 to S5) can apply for a free MVV Card.

For secondary school students in grades 6 (S6) and 7 (S7), the city of Munich offers a reduced MVV ticket for local public transport (read more here).


Please note that either a seat on the school bus or an MVV card can be requested. Both of them cannot be booked. A special regulation may apply in the 2024/2025 school year ONLY to P5 primary pupils. Read more here.


In addition, EV-ESM organises an additional transport service – a chargeable and demand-oriented EV-ESM Shuttle between ESM Fasangarten and EPO (Isar, Pschorr), ESM Fasangarten and ESO Headquarters, ESM Fasangarten and ESM Neuperlach.


According to the law, the public transport has priority. With the 365-euro Ticket MVV (MVV-Karte) and the S-Bahn station in the immediate vicinity of the primary school in the Fasangarten, the City of Munich encourages to reduce school bus costs and set a good example for the environment. This would be possible with the 365-Euro-Ticket (MVV card).


An online booking must be made in the EV-ESM Booking System for EACH child who wishes to use EV-ESM transportation services for the upcoming 2024/2025 school year. This also applies to students who are already using transportation services for the current 2023/2024 school year.



It is absolutely necessary to submit the application (for the school  bus or the MVV card) additionally in the portal of the City for the Munich ONLY for the following cases under then link below:

  • for students newly registered at the ESM for the school year 2024/25
  • for existing ESM students (KG1, KG2, P1 to P4 >>School bus or MVV card, or P1 to P5 and S1 to S5 >>MVV card) who have not yet used the transport service for the school year 2023/2024
  • for ESM students (the school bus and/or MVV card) each time they change their address/move house


In agreement with the Department for Education and Sport, it is NOT necessary to additionally send the PDF or the proofs (ESM school membership) either by post or electronically. It is up to each applicant to print out the PDF and keep the uploaded proofs for yourself. The instructions in the Online Service Portal are obsolete for the electronic application for parents of children visiting the European School Munich.

For this, please feel free to contact our EV-ESM office for the further questions or help (


School Bus

Public Transport – MVV Card

EV-ESM Shuttle