Our goal is simple: a safe transport of your children to and from school


We are working closely with the City of Munich and a number of other providers to ensure smooth and timely service for your children. The City of Munich is providing a free school transport for all children up to 15 years of age living in Munich. Parents of children living outside of Munich need to share 20% of the costs.


Primary school children, and in some cases also kindergarten children (for more info see School Bus section), can benefit from a school bus service provided by the City of Munich. The seats in the school bus are always highly solicited. Please check, whether your child perhaps could alternatively use the public traffic network instead (for more information see Public Transport section).


Secondary school children up to year 5 can apply for a free public transport – MVV card (read more in Public Transport section.
For students in year 6 and 7 of secondary school the City of Munich offers a reduced price public transport ticket (read more here).


Furthermore, the EV-ESM organizes an additional transport service – shuttle bus between ESM and EPO premises (read more details in the Shuttle Bus ESM-EPO section).




School Bus

Public Transport

Shuttle Bus ESM-EPO