Canteen Changes in Primary School

Canteen Changes in Primary School



As the Corona rules are getting more restrictive, the health office (Gesundheitsamt) has decided to go one step further in canteens and sit children 1,50 m apart from one another.


Therefore the school, canteen provider Il Cielo and the Parents’ Association have to take the necessary measures and implement this within the primary school canteen.


As a consequence there are not enough sitting places available within the canteen premises. Therefore some children will be receiving lunch packs on specific days.
– Monday: RUF Children (P1 and P2)
– Tuesday: P4, P5 NL and P5 GR
– Thursday: P3


The Lunch packs have been worked on in order for them to be more fresh and are changing every week on a 4-weeks basis.


Please make sure to order lunch menus for your children until Friday evening for the coming week.


Thank you. Best Regards,


Katia Sittler
EV-ESM Board Member for Canteen

Alexandra Vasinova