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09/2020 From now on, the HS students can eat in the canteen during their break: those who have break in the 6th period go...

09/2020   ASSOCIATION   Finally, also our newsletter for the new school year! We apologize for not being able to send it earlier. The school management decided which...

09/2020 In the first week of school the school buses will operate as follows: morning after school classes  Wednesday 2.9.2020 regular service only P2-P5 departure at 12:20 pm Thursday 3.9.2020 regular...

  05/2020 Information about the Partial Opening of ESM   Transport As the concerned parents have already been informed separately, the school buses for primary school classes P1...

03/2020  The corona pandemic continues to expand and in Bavaria school classes cannot take place until April 19th, 2020. As you read in...