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  05/21 Our After School Care services for the upcoming new school year 2021/2022 are now bookable in the EV-ESM Booking System. Our longterm and reliable...

05/21 From now until June 6th, 2021 you can book transport services provided by the City of Munich for the school year 2021/2022  in...

  03/21 Today, we are very happy to introduce you our new EV-ESM Booking System which we have been developing for over a year now. The new system covers...

02/2021   Thank you all so much for participating so numerous in our survey about the project of Haus 5 FG (65,5% participation rate!). Thereby the...

01/2021   As you have read in the newsletters from ESM Director Mr. Hrovath dated 07.01.2021 and 22.01.2021, the potential moving in of the Jewish...