Information about Booking and Courses

Information about Booking and Courses in School Year 2022/23


From Tuesday 10 May, 2022 at 9 am, the bookings for Homework Academy courses for the coming school year 2022/2023 were opened in the EV-ESM Booking System.

Bookings for kindergarten and primary school courses will start on 14 June, 2022 at 9 am.

For secondary school most of the courses will only be available from 7 September, 2022 at am, after the school timetables will be known.

However, external courses such as bouldering, tennis, swimming as well as music courses will be available from 14 June 2022 at 9 am.


Please read the updated General Conditions for Extra-Curricular Activities of the EV-ESM (German only) before making a booking.


Please note that the following is preliminary information about our offer. There may still be changes. Solely binding is the information in the EV-ESM Booking System.


Extra-curricular Activities Program 2022/23 – Kindergarten – as of 5 September, 2022 – only tennis course is available for booking

Free Places in Extra-curricular Activities 2022/23 – Primary School – as of 5 September, 2022

Extra-curricular Activities Program 2022/23 – High School – the booking starts on 7  September, 2022 at 9 am



We hope to be able to offer all courses in the ESM and in external locations again from September. Nevertheless, we have included the following points in our planning:

• In case that no extra-curricular activities can take place on site, we have already arranged the possibility to switch some of our courses to online version. The concerned courses are explicitly marked in the respective program. Please note that online courses will only take place if the school is closed.

• Extra-curricular activities can only take place if enough participants register for the respective course. Please be patient, it is possible that the final course confirmations can only be made in September. A course is confirmed once you receive and email with the information that the status of the course changed to active.


Music Courses

• Music courses can be booked throughout the school year. Price and the number of course days will be adjusted accordingly.

• If you have questions about the various music courses and instruments or would like to get information about renting or purchasing an instrument, please contact Ms. Katharina Stegemann at


Kindergarten and Primary School Courses

• The Homework Academy courses will start in the 2nd week of school from 5 September, 2022

• Most courses consist of 30 course units, and so cover most of the school year.

• Semester courses are scheduled with 13 course days.

• The courses on short school days will begin at 1 or 2 pm.

Important: Kindergarten and primary school children must not be left unattended after school classes. A course booking will only be possible if you bindingly choose one of these options for the time before the extra-curricular courses start. Either you have booked the after school care provided by R.U.F. or a course from the Homework Academy. These offers continue right after school classes. The children eat with R.U.F. or the Homework Academy and then attend their respective extra-curricular activities.


Courses for Secondary School Students

• Generally there are 25 course days in a course. At the end of the school year, many rooms are no longer available due to the examinations.

• Semester courses are scheduled with 13 or 15 course days.

• The courses start at the end of September or at the beginning of October when the individual school timetables are already set.



Sign in to EV-ESM Booking System on

Under Services on the left menu please go to Manage Bookings and select the Extra-Curricular box.

Then select the child for which you want to book a course. You will see the full list of courses. On the top the courses fitting the age of your child will be displayed. Below you will see all other courses. Click the desired course to see the details. You can book at the bottom of the course page.

After you complete the booking, you will also receive an automatic email notification.

You can check the status of your booking at any time in the EV-ESM Booking System.