Public Transport

Public transport – MVV CARD in the School Year 2024/2025


The following ESM students are entitled to apply for public transport MVV Card for the school year 2024/25 via EV-ESM Booking System:
primary school pupils P1-P4 who live more than 2 km from ESM Fasangarten (if NOT using the School Bus option)
primary school pupils P5 who live more than 3 km from ESM Fasangarten
– secondary school pupils up to year 5 (S1-S5), who live more than 3 km from ESM Neuperlach
guest pupils whose stay in ESM is longer than 6 months, provided that the minimum distance requirement is met and their guest family is a member of the Parents’ Association of ESM


The MVV Card is a 365-Euro-Ticket MVV valid around the clock, 365 days (until 30 September, 2025) and also during free time and holidays in the entire MVV area.

The City of Munich covers the transport cost for children living in Munich (ZIP code 80000 to 81999). For children residing outside Munich  (regardless of the distance to ESM), the parents have to cover 20% of the 365-Euro-MVV Ticket.

The EV-ESM charges an administration fee of 15 EUR for each MVV Card booking, which will be invoices at the beginning  of the school year.


Secondary school pupils in year 6 and 7 and those who do not fulfil the minimum distance criteria can apply for a reduced tariff card or the 365-Euro-Ticket MVV directly by the Munich Transport Corporation –

ESM school reception can provide a confirmation that the S6 and S7 pupils are students at ESM.


Exception for pupils of the school of classes S6 and S7

The Law on Free School Travel states the following:
Pursuant to Art. 2 (1) SchKfrG, the costs of necessary transport are covered for pupils from grade 11 (analogous to S6 of the ESM) and from grade 12 (analogous to S7 of the ESM), insofar as the proven total costs of transport incurred exceed the family burden limit of currently €320 per pupil and school year or €490 per family and school year from the school year 2023/2024 onwards.
At the same time, it is required that the journey to school (= single way within walking distance) for pupils in grades 5 and above is longer than three kilometres in one direction (Art. 2 Para. 1 SchKfrG and § 3 Para. 2 Sentence 1 No. 1 SchBefV).

The family burden limit means that a family has to pay 320€ per pupil and school year or 490€ per family and school year of the necessary travel costs. Ultimately, it is irrelevant how high the monthly travel costs are, because only the amount exceeding 320€ per pupil or 490€ per family is to be reimbursed.

According to the law, pupils from grade 11 onwards are generally entitled to free travel to school if they:

– have a recognised disability that requires them to pay for transport.

– come from a family in which childcare allowance (or comparable benefits) is received for three or more children according to the Federal Child Benefit Act (BKKG).


The following evidence or documents can be recognised for a possible deduction of the family burden limit:

– Evidence of receipt of child benefit according to the Federal Child Benefit Act (BKKG), for 3 or more children or a pay slip.

– Evidence of a recognised disability which could trigger a possible entitlement to free travel to school.

– Evidence by presenting the dependent allowance from the European Patent Office.

The Evidence should always refer to the month of August of the current school year or later (if the other children are younger than 18 years old, an earlier proof is also possible). If proof is only provided from a later date, the family allowance limit will be deducted proportionately.

Electronic application is possible with the following link:

The ESM school membership confirmation should be picked up by the child or parents at the reception in the secondary school. When applying for the confirmation, please indicate the purpose of the issue: Confirmation for future students in classes S6 and/or S7 in the school year 2024/2025 to issue an MVG ticket. The school management and reception have been informed of this and these confirmations can now be requested and collected from the ESM reception.

The corresponding evidence (affiliation to the school and evidence of child benefit etc.) must be uploaded with the application and will be automatically forwarded with the generated PDF to the Department for Education and Sport, Department of guest and contract schools, subject area free of charge of the school route.

In agreement with the department, it is not necessary to additionally send the PDF or the proofs either by post or electronically. It is up to each applicant to print out the PDF and keep the uploaded proofs. The instructions in the Online Service Portal are obsolete for the electronic application for parents of children visiting the European School Munich.


Further information:

The ticket is only granted for the school currently attended and the current address until the end of the school year applied for. Should you wish to apply for free school travel for another school year, a new application is required, as well as current proof of a possible deduction from the family burden limit.


The validity of 365-Euro-Ticket MVV from the 2023/2024 school year will be extended until September 30, 2024.

If you would like more information or need help with the electronic application, you can contact the EV-ESM office or the department for
the free school transport system.



Sign in to EV-ESM Booking System on Upon first login since September 2023 you must confirm/update the class information of your children. We advise to do so before you start the bookings.


Under Services on the left menu please go to Manage Bookings and select the transport option you want to book. Please make sure to switch to the correct school year in the upper right corner – 2024/25.


After you have completed the booking, you will also receive an automatic email notification. You can check the status of your booking at any time in the EV-ESM Booking System.


For the bookings received by the EV-ESM after the registration deadline (May 15, 2024), the City of Munich will only be able to issue the MVV Cards in October/November, so that the transport costs must be covered individually until then