Public Transport

MVV CARD in the School Year 2021/2022


The following ESM students are entitled to apply for public transport MVV Card subsidized by the City of Munich for the school year 2021/22:
primary school pupils P1-P5 who live more than 2 km from ESM Fasangarten (if NOT using the School Bus option)
secondary school pupils up to year 5 (S1-S5), who live more than 3 km from ESM Neuperlach
exchange pupils, as long as their exchange family is a member of the Parents’ Association


The MVV Card is a 365-Euro-Ticket MVV valid around the clock, 365 days a year and also during free time and holidays in the entire MVV area.

The City of Munich covers the transport cost for children living in Munich. Parents must cover 20% of the 365-Euro-MVV Ticket costs for children who live outside Munich. The EV-ESM charges an administration fee of 15 EUR for each MVV Card booking.


Secondary school pupils in year 6 and 7 and those who do not fullfil the minimum distance criteria can apply for a reduced tariff card directly by the Munich Transport Corporation (MVG) or the 365-Euro-Ticket MVV –

The school can provide a confirmation that the child is a student at ESM.


Exception: secondary school pupils in year 6 and 7 can receive a free public transport card if their parents receive child allowance for at least 3 children. This also assumes that the family lives at least 3 km from the school. Please contact EV-ESM Office for more details.


Sign in to EV-ESM Booking System on

Under Services on the left menu please go to Manage Bookings and select the transport option you want to book. Please make sure to switch to the correct school year in the upper right corner – 2021/22.

After you complete the booking, you will also receive an automatic email notification.
You can check the status of your booking at any time in the EV-ESM Booking System.

The EV-ESM charges an annual administration fee of 15 EUR  for each child.

For the bookings made after 6th of June 2021, the MVV cards can only be issued for October/November.