Invitation to EV-ESM General Assembly 2020

Invitation to EV-ESM General Assembly 2020



Herewith I invite you to our general assembly on the 3rd of November 2020.

The assembly will be held online with a dedicated meeting-software. Further information with respect to this will follow.

Here you can find the draft agenda (only in German).


The pandemic has also hit our parents’ association. We and our service-partners had to rapidly adapt at the situation with always changing procedures and instructions from the medical authorities, the Bavarian ministry and the school. This brought our organizational capabilities to its limits.

As you know, the school start this year was far from perfect, and we regret this very much.

But I can assure you, that all our board members and all our staff, together with the school and with our service partners, did and still do their best to find a solution to every problem. I would like to thank here again the school and our service partners for their good work. I think we are now on the good way.

However, we do not know what the future will look like, and we have many concerns about our organization.

As you know, our organization is based solely on parents, which engage themselves for all of us voluntarily and honorarily in their free time. Services like garderie, transport, canteen and extra-curricular activities, which are so important to all of us, can only survive, if there are enough parents in the association to cover these positions.

Therefore, it is of upmost importance, if also YOU sustain us: please candidate for the many open board positions, that are due this year (please see the attached agenda). I am sure that any of you can give a solid contribution to all of us. The survival chances of our organization lies solely in your and our hands.

In the hope to see you numerous at our general assembly, and as candidates to our open positions, I send you best wishes,

Roberto Trimarchi

Chairman EV-ESM



Alexandra Vasinova