Newsletter Nr. 2

Newsletter Nr. 2

03/2020  The corona pandemic continues to expand and in Bavaria school classes cannot take place until April 19th, 2020. As you read in the message from ESM Director Anton Hrovath on March 13th, 2020, the European School Munich stays closed until then.

Extra-curricular Activities
The school closure also applies to our entire offer of extra-curricular activities. It is not yet clear if the courses continue as of April 20th, 2020. We will let you know as soon as new information is available.
For the moment, it means the following for the extra-curricular courses (except music courses):
Regrettably, we have to cancel the courses until April 19th, 2020. We will try to organize additional dates for the canceled course units, either after the end of the currently planned course end or by extending the individual course hours. We are currently clarifying with the course teachers what options there are for the individual courses. We will then forward the relevant news to the course participants and publish them in the respective course information at members/index.html
The following applies to the music courses:
The music seminar can offer music courses online as an alternative to canceling the courses. The teachers or the management of the music school will contact you and clarify which program e.g. Skype or similar you will be using for the course.

Naturally, the canteen and cafeteria services have been closed as well. Due to technological reasons, the bookings in the EV system (only the ABO’s) remain as registered, but the debits from the parents/legal guardians’ accounts have been interrupted since the school closed. We ask for your understanding that it is only possible to correct the final account at the end of the school year.

Similar to our canteen partner, the debits of R.U.F and Die Pauker have also been interrupted for the time of school closure. Final re-calculation will follow at the end of the school year.
Please note, the registration for the next school year 2020/21 year started as previously announced and is still open in the EV-ESM System.

You will receive a separate Transport Newsletter by end of the month.

Distance learning
We would like to further inform you, that we are working closely with the school about the distance learning program, and have already put forward several issues to the school (families with fewer PCs than children, too many hours in front of a computer with reduced movement for the students, stress and headaches of some students, concerns on using Microsoft Teams for primary P4 and P5, overload for parents, etc.). We are supporting the school management on its way to find the best solutions in this area. Thank you very much for your precious feedback.


Alexandra Vasinova